4 Love Lessons 

Not too long ago I shared with you some 9 lessons of Love, I have had the opportunity of gaining an extra 4. 

These fantastic four lessons can be applied in any kind of relationship but most especially our love relationships, so let’s go through and be informed. 

 So here goes 4 lessons: -JB

1. The public expression of religiosity is not an indicator of private character; the fact that he or she posts Bible verses daily does not mean they have a better character. 

Their public expression of faith is no guarantee of private presence of character. People may look well behaved in presence of others but in private you may not know who they are.

It’s easy to manifest the gifts of the spirit than to manifest the fruit thereof. 

So take time to know people beyond their public image not necessarily to reject them but to avoid surprises. 

2. If he/she loves me, he/she will become perfect for me. That’s an unrealistic expectation. 
Whereas a person who loves you will make some efforts to please you, it doesn’t necessarily annihilate their weaknesses. Many have their weaknesses just as we do have ours. 

 If she was lying before she met you, loving you will not just make the lies go away. 

If he was proud before he met you, it won’t just go away. Don’t take it personal. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Don’t use it so much against them you may also have your weakness. 

3. If I love him, I can change him. Really? Forget it. No one change anybody. 
Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside. So don’t go into a relationship with the agenda to change someone. 

If you can’t accept them the way they are, walk away. If you walk into it, only hope for change. Don’t demand it. 

If he/she is a relative then you can help him since you can throw a baby away with the bath water. 

4. All men are the same/ all women are the same. We live in a culture that often tends to generalize and put into groups and give them one label.

 If you make that mistake, it can hurt your relationship. The person you are with now is different from the last one. 

So discover him. Discover her. People are unique. Stop using the same tape measure for everyone. 

People say women love attention. Some women do. Some don’t. You have to find out which one you have and treat her accordingly. Don’t generalize! 


9 Lessons I have learnt of Love and Relationship

These are not lessons I read from a book. It’s wisdom I have acquired through blood and tears. Those I applied brought me joy. Those I broke, broke my heart. And those who broke them against me, I’m still trying to forgive them~JB😀

1. Often we fall in love with haste. But it takes patience to stay in love. Men especially must learn that it takes infinite patience to love a woman. 

2. As soon as a partner begins to introduce threats, conditions, ultimatums in a relationship, it is the beginning of the end. Love is unconditional. 

3. Pride is the greatest obstacle to love. Pride is what causes unforgiveness. It stops you from admitting you are wrong. Pride makes you repeat same mistakes as if you have the right to be doing them. It never says im sorry. 

4. No matter what else you do, if you are always complaining or criticizing your partner, they never feel truly loved. It tells them you think they are not good enough. 

5. Nothing makes a man feel loved more than respect. Nothing makes him feel threatened than disrespect. People say men don’t like strong women. No. Men don’t like disrespectful women. Men don’t like woman who will not be submissive or obedient. You can be strong without being disrespectful. 

6. Selfish people cannot love. If you are constantly demanding for things without giving back, it kills love. The other person feels used not loved. Reciprocate what you receive. It’s a Give and take!

7. Lying weakens relationships. Lies, no matter how small, creates doubts in the heart of your partner. They begin to second-guess everything you tell them and sometimes the relationship never recovers.

8. Doubts will end up ruining everything you have been positioned to enjoy. Trust and be trust worthy. Expect Good and good shall come. What will you lose if you expect good things and it never comes, you will rather never see the good things that comes your way every time. 

9. Appreciate the little efforts she does for you. A grateful heart enjoys blessings twice. When they are recieved and when they are remembered. Don’t make the mistake of ingratitude and see some one loving and aprecciating what you took for granted– you will be regretting by then!!!!

Thank You JB!!!