International Sex Workers Day: My Story!

 I hear today is International Sex Workers Day, how we celebrate such a day I have no idea but I have a story to share on this day. 

“It was the 2nd Leg of the El Classico on Sunday night and ‪#‎ECG‬ had taken our lights at Abeka-Lapaz. And as a Proud Fan of FC Barca I didn’t want to miss any of the Actions on TV. 

I started Looking for Places where I could get to watch the match, but for almost 45mins I couldn’t bcos apparently every sports centre was full to capacity and even if u enter and you will have to stand. My height wouldn’t permit me to watch from a distance.

I finally found a drinking bar at Lapaz just close to the N1 where their Plasma was out in the open and only few guys where around so I joined to watched free. No seats so I was standing.

I was following commentary on radio with my ear piece and there fore I couldn’t really hear the outside world. 
A few minutes as I stood there to watch I saw a pretty young lady (aged between 19-22) with revealing dress, beckoning me, I couldn’t hear what she was saying because of the Ear Piece so I took it off to listen to her. 

She asked me nicely in twi, “Odor Yenko anaa” (love should we go)? I wasn’t sure if it was me so I turned to look behind me but I was the only one distant from the rest of the men. Then she asked again, ” “yen fru suro anaa” (should we climb upstairs) 
I realized she had mistaken me for some one So I told her it’s not me. 
A few minutes on another younger lady (may be 17 or 19 years) approached me and also said, “Wu p3 ni sen” (How will you like it)??
Then I started looking around and I realized it’s a den of Sex workers. 
I quickly told her no am not interested and she left. As I look round I saw cars park by to pick some, I saw men climbing the 2 storey building which seems like a guest house with these young girls. 

I had been told there are Sex Workers around that area but I had never encountered them before or how they do their business. 

I left the place with confusion in my mind. As to how young, beautiful and enterprising ladies could be engaged in such a business it still baffles me. 

It was even a Sunday night so I was wondering if they went to church service. And why aren’t they ashamed to do this in the open.
With the kind of confident they have wouldn’t they be able to sell anything anywhere? I was still wondering?? 

As today Marks International Sex Workers day, I decided to share this to you so you know how real it is in our cities.

For the decision makers in our country pls we need you to do more than just craving for power.
To my fellow Christians, there are lot more souls perishing everyday, let’s take the saving knowledge of Christ to them. 

To elders and parents, kindly ask where your young ones go at night, some may be engaged in this business without your knowledge.

To the media we know you are doing well but pls increase the awareness of this so our young ladies will be saved from this “business”

Should I even wish them a Happy Sex Workers Day or What??


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